You need so much more than a Logo.  Soooooo much more.  Tina & Company is your go-to source for all things consulting. Since 2011, we have provided our clients with a wide range of  branding and rebranding services tailored to their specific needs. As an industry-leading Marketing Consultant, our brand strategy services are guaranteed to put you back on the track of success. Whether it is business development, rebranding, digital strategy or ever personal career branding, we can help you.   Let's bring some life into your vision and watch dollar bills fall into your hands

Web Design / Revisions


We have a combined 20 years of graphic design experience with a graphic designer for every taste. Whether you are direct and profane like Tina or classy and traditional like Aiana all the way to youthful and trendy like SJ, we can design for you!  We like to play this game where we guess what you paid for your current website; this is not to be rude, but to prove that your investment reflects in your  business, whether it be large or small.  We mention this so that you understand, if you want others to invest in you, you have to invest in you.  This does not mean you should break the bank when redesigning or designing your website, but to take the investment seriously  and invest in what you deserve.  Your are on this website for a reason, you are looking for the best, you deserve the best.  We can give it to you.

Branded Photography

In marketing your product or service, you must put your best foot, face and focus forward. When investing in your personal or professional brand you are guaranteed to need a photography service at one point or another.  Whether it is professional head-shots, branded photos or product photography, we have a photographer for you.  Our photography partners know just what we want to convey, they even offer special pricing to you, you are however free to use whatever photographers you wish.  Our creative direction is available as part of a paid service.


Graphic + Print Design

With our 20 years of graphic design experience, marketing degrees, art degrees and that one random poli-sci degree, we are able to design anything and everything you need.  The designs are fresh and trendy or traditional and classic, you decide.  We offer monthly retainers and project based fees.


Projects include but are not limited to :  Business Cars / Stationary / Flyers / Brochures / Product Packaging / Ads / Social Media Graphics / Catalogs / Brand Vision Boards / Advertising Videos /Web Copy/ Gift Cards/ Post Cards/ Letterhead / Invitations / Greeting Cards


Social Media

It's no secret if you want to advertise, you need to be digital.   Our Ninjas help you create clear goals, produce relevant, quality content and understand the social platforms and delivery your audience prefers. We can manage your platforms, create campaigns or train you/your team how to rock it.  We are the only creative agency in TEXAS trained by Facebook for Facebook. We are currently being educated under the invasive Facebook BluePrint coursed in an effort to put our clients ahead of their competition. We currently offer one on one training, group training, coaching talks and account evaluations/revamp requests. We work with and on all platforms.  We know all the secrets, we have all the sauce.  Trust me.

/ Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter/ Yelp / Google+/ SNAP / Pinterest

​We have a waiting list for full time management clients at this time. Updated: 01/APRIL/2020


Personal Branding

We are your go to source for landing the career of your dreams or creating a professional c level brand of your team.  Since 2011, we have coached, engineers, C-level executives, attorneys, accountants and trade-skilled individuals land the position they wanted. As an industry-leading Marketing Consultant, we are able to cultivate the image you need convey for your next career move or business milestone.  As very invasive process, but worth every bit of the nuisance it can be. Our branding package includes head-shots, online audits, linked-in revamping and resume sculpting. You will be bossed around, you must cooperate for optimized results. / This service is not to be confused with coaching or babysitting.  



We do offer counseling and direction for start-ups, formations and digital strategies. We offer consulting in inner-company operations and relationships to decrease loss and revenue.  We offer tons of advice but there is a fine line between advice and running your business for you.  We offer advising, website and strategy review as a paid service.  We do not offer legal advice nor do we take legal projects any longer.  We found a happy place and we want to stay there.  We do however have tons of lawyer and lawyer-ish friends we can refer you to

Sowing + Giving Back

We are closed on Sunday, every Sunday no matter what.  You cannot reach us by phone , email or smoke signal.  Sundays are for worship, serving our community and spending time with our family.  We volunteer with an organization that serves and stabilizes Houston's Homeless. This is a cause very dear to our hear.  The funds held by Tina & Company go far beyond salaries for our team.  We feed and nourish others, we provide shoes and clothing to those who have not, we sponsor one family every Christmas and one young lady every prom season. Religiously   You can can learn more about helping Houston's Homeless by visiting Direct Hope's Facebook page and you can donate there too



It is very likely you are reviewing this website because people in the world told you about us.  Pardon us while we blush and make a quick phone call.  We do not advertise any longer and we are strictly referral based at this point.  God is Good, all the time.

Thank you to our sweet clients who think of us when there are thousands of companies to refer.  As a small but mighty crew, you make a huge impact on our lives.  Your trust provides a living and so much more to the community though the social efforts of our team.  (You can see the fruits of it all on Facebook)


Business Growth

We have strategic partnerships with several brands where we promote for them on via a revenue share or commission based agreement.   This business agreement is not ideal for all brands or organizations.  There are significant legalities and business issues to be agreed upon before entering into this agreement. If you are interested in a revenue share agreement with our company, please do not hesitate to contact us. We do not guarantee we will work with you, even if you were referred to us.  We reserve the right to deny any partnership request if it does not align with our core values and or if we feel it would not be mutually beneficial.

In order to maintain the integrity of our brand, full transparency and our strong client relationships, Tina & Company does not share revenues with any clients, third parties or agencies, nor do we offer compensation/incentives of any sort for referrals.


Free Consultations

We offer free, no strings attached consultations both in person and over the phone. We occasionally meet at your home or office, at our discretion but out place of choice for initial meetings is most always a coffee house.  Espresso is in our veins and we need it. Your initial consultation is about 30 minutes - this is more of a feeler call.  When things get serious, your first in person consultation is about 2 hours, yes, 2 whole hours, please plan accordingly.

First two coffees, teas, lattes are on us.  Anything after that is free game. We like to get that out the way now.  Let us mind our manners, please.